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Mar 23 2017
airhosta update

Welcome to airhosta

Welcome to airhosta. I’ve really been looking forward to posting our very first   blog post. If you didn’t know, we launched in January, 2017 and we’ve had a great response from both owners as well as Airbnb and Vacation Rental property managers and service providers. So thank you to those who have invested the time, and shown enough curiosity, to try out airhosta. We launched airhosta with the mission of helping Airbnb/Vacation Rental owners easily connect with service providers. But we’re driven to provide a lot more than this. So what are we all about? Airbnb hosts and Vacation Rental owners unequivocally want to hire service providers. But it’s not easy for them. They face a number of hurdles to connect with service providers. At airhosta we’re driven to solve this complex problem…or opportunity, as we like to think of it. So how are we solving it? Well as mentioned we launched in January, 2017.  The response has been great. But with any startup, if you launch and then aren’t subsequently embarrassed by what you’ve launched, well you’ve launched too late. I’m the first admit this with airhosta. There are features we definitely need to improve on and features we need to provide. So I’m happy to say that we’ve done some hard work and the version of airhosta you are now viewing is the result.  But it’s only a start. Shortly we’ll be releasing another version of airhosta, and here are some of the features to come: Find Airbnb and Vacation Rental Providers A new feature that will allow Airbnb hosts and Vacation Rental owners to actually search, find and shortlist service providers directly (in addition to requesting proposals). Sometimes hosts and owners don’t have the time to wait for proposals, or aren’t sold on the range of service providers who provide them with proposals. Instead they want to be able to self-service by being able to quickly find relevant service providers and hire them directly. Improved Profiles Enriched service provider profiles, apart from being visually attractive also provide enough information (without information overload) on the things that matter to owners. This includes: What services do you provide?
  • What services do you provide?
  • Who are you?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Can I trust you?
Speaking of trust – it’s a big thing for us at airhosta. We are singularly focused on our day to day vision that hosts and owners experience - ‘amazing service experiences’. Therefore we are introducing a comprehensive vetting process to provide hosts and owners with greater confidence they can trust the people on airhosta by verifying things like: address, phone no, insurance and licensing. Behind the scenes it also means we don’t compromise on our commitment to ‘amazing service experiences’. To ensure we are keeping true to this commitment, we are rigorous around who we permit to signup as a service provider or co-host as well as taking complaints seriously. Feedback As I’ve already mentioned, trust is important.  So in addition to introducing our new vetting process, we will shortly be introducing the ability for hosts and owners to provide detailed feedback on their experiences with service providers they hired through airhosta. This will help reward those service providers who live up to our high expectations of ‘amazing service experiences’.  It will also help other hosts and owners develop trust in the service providers that use airhosta. So stay tuned for some exciting times ahead at airhosta. As always, we want your feedback so that we can iterate airhosta into a marketplace that you keep coming back to and tell your friends and family about. Any feedback is welcome – whether it’s compliments or things we can do better, we want to hear it. So please contact us.
Rian Chapman
Rian Chapman is the CEO and Founder at airhosta - an online marketplace that connects Airbnb/Vacation Rental owners with service providers (so property managers, cleaners, concierge – right through to tourism and hospitality providers). We know how important it is to make the right decision when you are hiring someone to look after something as valuable as your Airbnb.