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May 19 2017
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Short but sweet: Naming your Airbnb listing

This blog post is from our friends at GuestReady a leading Airbnb property manager in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur….

When naming your Airbnb listing, it’s all about a great introduction: first impressions last. The most popular Airbnb homes have an incredible foreword. In managing your Airbnb, a brilliant name is key but it’s amazing how many people forget this simple thing.

To make an Airbnb listing stand out in a sea of homes and apartments, it’s essential to be a wordsmith as well as show off your property and its finest assets.

Is your cutting-edge condo steps away from a handsome beach? Does your period home have high-end design features? Is your refined apartment close to a thriving city metropolis but with a pretty garden? Providing it’s true, how much interest you garner is all down to how you describe your home. Get some inspiration from GuestReady and write an attention-grabbing name for your listing

Here’s our tips for naming your Airbnb listing.

First impressions last

The name of your listing is the first thing people will check (along with a stunning lead photo, of course), so make sure it’s memorable. Try to be more creative when writing this up. It’s not “One bedroom apartment in New York”, it’s “Design-led apartment in the heart of happening Williamsburg”. Make sure the main photo is a striking one; people take a lot from photos when deciding to rent a place. Shoddy pictures won’t promote your abode, invest time in taking quality ones that really reflect the essence of the home. A great example of this is, “Live in a historical English castle!” – who doesn’t want that experience?

Capture the character of your home

Highlight what is special about your place. If you have an amazing roof terrace in London overlooking an affluent suburb, shout about it. If your Paris apartment has a huge window onto the Eiffel Tower, sell it! Airbnb is all about experiences and guests use it to buy into that. They don’t want cookie-cutter, they want authenticity. Everybody wants to stay somewhere original and have a real experience. So a “Lovely tiny loft in the heart of Nice”, sounds pretty nice.

Don’t waste your word count

There are only 35 characters for naming your Airbnb listing. Don’t waste your words. You have a very limited word count so cut out unnecessary detail. For example, there’s no need to add in your city as people searching will have done this previously; use words wisely. Instead, focus on the key highlight of your home.

Test, test, test

To really get most out of your listing, we recommend to test, test and test some more. Making a basic spreadsheet is vital when keeping track of listing views each week. You can find your views on Airbnb under ‘Your listing’ in ‘Stats’ and click on ‘Views’. Jot down the title of your listing and swap it for a new one every week or so. If views go up, you’ll know that the title change had a positive effect. Keep optimizing to see what potential guests respond to best.

GuestReady is an Airbnb Management company in London, Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore. Set up by a team of hospitality experts from around the globe, GuestReady takes the hassle out of hosting on Airbnb by providing a full range of property management services.  You can check out their airhosta profile at Guest Ready – a leading Airbnb Property Manager.

Manant Maheshwari@GuestReady
Manant is Global Marketing Manager at GuestReady and when not working hard at GuestReady is a seeker of challenges, worshipper of the internet, passionate about travel.
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