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Mar 28 2018
Interior Design

7 Interior Design Tricks To Make Your Vacation Rental Look Bigger

The success of your vacation rental comes down to many things, from location to management to marketing. But there's also another aspect that, if approached correctly, can really supercharge your bookings — and that's interior decorating. If you have a small room or flat for rent, you can make it more appealing by giving it the illusion of having more space. Try these seven interior design tricks to do exactly that.

1. Paint it white.

White walls reflect light and make a space feel airy, bright, and fresh. Dark colours, meanwhile, tend to absorb the light and can make a room appear smaller. For the best results, go for a white paint with a matte finish. If you're not keen on stark white, off-white or other light colours like pale blue or green can also work wonders.

2. Let there be light.

When it comes to creating space, natural light is your best friend. If you're designing a space from scratch, incorporate windows in strategic positions for best light. The larger the better — you might even opt for floor to ceiling. In an existing space, consider removing curtains to take advantage of natural light. Uncovered windows also add more depth to a room. interior-design-make-room-look-bigger-window-light

3. Make use of mirrors.

Mirrors have a certain kind of magic when mounted into a room. They not only reflect light, they also trick the eye with optical illusions and make your mind believe a space is bigger than it actually is. Get creative with where you put them and experiment with different setups. For example, tall mirrors can look great behind bedside tables, or mounted in positions where they reflect outside space.

4. Declutter.

This one shouldn't need too much explaining. For a room to feel open and spacious it needs just that: space. The more clutter you have in a room, the smaller it will feel. One decluttering design tip is to opt for fewer decorative pieces that are larger rather than a whole lot of smaller ones (avoid anything less than the size of a cantaloupe, for example). This design tricks gives a space a more minimal, deliberate, and spacious feel. Another decluttering trick is to invest in furniture pieces that double as storage. For example,  an ottoman that opens up, or beds that have drawer space underneath. interior-design-make-room-look-bigger-decorations  

5. Choose airy furniture.

What do we mean by that? Furniture that isn't too chunky, so that space can be seen through or in-between it. Think things like tables or cabinets on slender tall legs as opposed to thick short ones that block the line of sight through a room. Transparent materials like lucite or glass work for the same reason, and can give off a modern, minimal vibe.

6. Build in bunks.

Bunk beds are a great way of sleeping more guests without having to compromise on space. They're especially great when built into the wall, and can be added to spare rooms to make your rental more family-friendly.  

7. Match low furnishings to low ceilings.

Rooms with low ceilings — for example a loft, attic space or small cabin — can go from cosy to cramped very quickly. Thankfully, all it takes is the right furniture to fix the problem. Swap out tall pieces for ones that sit low to the ground to maximise the amount of vertical space, and the room will feel much better. If it's a sleeping space, you can even ditch the bed all together and go for a double-mattress on the floor situation that feels slightly bohemian yet chic. interior-design-make-room-look-bigger-bed If you need more help nailing all the interior design aspects of your vacation rental, you can always hire a professional. Search for interior design specialists on airhosta to find one in your area.
Tania Braukamper
Tania is a talented writer and photographer who covers a wide range of topics at airhosta. @taniabraukamper
Mar 28 2018
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