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Jul 25 2017
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How to make your Airbnb ‘Business Travel Ready’

Business travellers have particular needs. As an ever-growing segment of the Airbnb market, it can be well worth the interest of any host to cater to those needs. As we're about to explore, this can result in a number of unexpected benefits.

As for how to capture the business traveller market? You'll want to aim to get Airbnb's official "Business Travel Ready" status on your property. We'll provide you tips on how to do that (and how to go above and beyond it) below.

Why you should target business travellers.

It goes without saying that the wider you cast your net, the more potential you have for bookings and, in turn, for profits. Cut out the business customer and you've lost a potential market segment, limiting the number of potential bookings on your property.

But there are also other reasons as to why business travellers are such a desirable bunch.

For starters, if they're on a work trip paid for by company funds, they're less likely to base their choice on budget. In other words, they're willing to pay higher rates because the money isn't coming out of their own pockets.

Business travellers often stay for longer, too. They might be at a five-day convention or have a string of meetings scheduled in across the space of a week. Or perhaps they're one of the new breed of "digital nomad" who just wants to work from their laptop in a different city for a whole month. These kind of longer stays can be highly profitable to you as a host, because you're making more income with less hassle (i.e., minimal check-ins and turnovers, etc).

What is Airbnb's "Business Travel Ready" status?

So now we've established that catering to business customers can be a very good thing indeed, the question is how to open yourself up to them? As we've mentioned, Airbnb specifically has an official status called "Business Travel Ready." Notice in search results that some properties have a small briefcase icon against their listing:

[caption id="attachment_302" align="aligncenter" width="525"]airbnb business travel ready icon Airbnb listings with the "Business Travel Ready" badge.[/caption]

This badge shows business users at a glance that the property is fit for their needs, hence making your property instantly stand out.

How to get your listing "Business Travel Ready".

In order to get the "Business Travel Ready" badge on your Airbnb listing, you need to fulfil a particular set of requirements:

  • Firstly your listing must be an entire home / apartment. If it's a shared space, sorry to say you're out of the running.
  • It must be a no-smoking property and no pets can be on the premises during the guest's stay. Airbnb ascribes this requirement to "potential for allergies and other sensitivities."
  • You must have at least 3-stars in ratings.
  • You need a high response rate: 90% of requests responded to within 24 hours over the last year.
  • You must offer 7-day cancellation terms.
  • Particular amenities must be available, namely:
    • Wireless Internet
    • A laptop-friendly workspace
    • 24-hour check-in (including self check-in, like a lock box or keypad).
    • Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector
    • Essentials (toilet paper, clean towels, and fresh linens)
    • An iron
    • Clothes hangers
    • Shampoo and a hair dryer

Bonus tips on catering to business travellers.

So what if you're ruled out of being eligible for the "Business Travel Ready" badge because your property just doesn't quite fit the bill? That certainly won't preclude you from being visible to business travellers and it shouldn't stop you from considering how you can better serve them.

The same holds true for if you do have "Business Travel Ready" status already and want to go a cut above; or if you're listing your property on sites other than Airbnb and want to cater to the corporate crowd whether there's a badge on offer or not.

One thing to keep in mind, then, is what business events might be happening in your area. Is there a trade show or convention on in your city that might attract business guests? If so, you might want to include details in your listing of how far you are from the venue or how easy it is to get there.

You might also consider other small details and amenities that can make a big difference to business guests and keep them coming back for repeat stays. For example, things that make working from home easier like coffee machines, comfortable work chairs, and guidebook information on where to get excellent home-delivered food. You might even have some little extras on hand in case they're needed -- like international power adapters or even just paper and pens. To the busy working person far from home, these small provisions can be a godsend.

Tania Braukamper
Tania is a talented writer and photographer who covers a wide range of topics at airhosta. @taniabraukamper
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