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Mar 23 2017
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Airbnb and Vacation Rental Property Manager Costs Guide

An Airbnb or Vacation Rental property manager charges on average 15% of your nightly rate to manage a typical Airbnb that is listed fulltime. Keep in mind, though, that actual charges may vary depending on the type of property you have, it’s location and the range of service you require. If you require a basic* services, then on average you can pay 10-13%. But if you require a higher level of service or a premium* service, then expect to pay 15% - 20%. Where do we source this information? All charges stated in this article are based on rates/packages that Airbnb and Vacation Rental managers have provided on airhosta. Comparison of Basic vs Premium Services Typically Airbnb and Vacation Rental Property Managers will provide a range of service options for you. Our analysis has identified what we categorise as typical basic vs premium services that many property managers will provide. [pdf-embedder url="" title="Airbnb Product Manager Services"] Additional Services Many property managers will also offer a range of additional services over and above their core property management services. It’s important to understand to know the typical rates for these services, to ensure you don’t overstretch your budget. [pdf-embedder url="" title="Airbnb Product Manager Extra Services"] Other Factors that Matter There are additional things that you need to consider that may impact on the costs of property management for your Airbnb/VR including:
  • Size of the property (including number of bedrooms, how many it can sleep, how many bathrooms)
  • Location and availability of property managers in the area
  • Age of the property – the older it is, the more potential there is for maintenance related services to be required
  • The range of services you are after – the more services you are after, the higher the incremental costs will be
Clare Roberts
Clare looks after airhosta's Airbnb and Vacation Rental owners concierge and is passionate connecting hosts and owners with the very best service providers.
Mar 23 2017
Cost Guides

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